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PurRain Corp. is dedicated to preserving the Earth's most precious resouce
by collecting and purifying rainwater for household consumption.

The most popular method of collecting rainwater is to use a poly 55 gallon barrel to collect the water off the roof and pump it into one or several linked 2,500 gallon poly tanks. The water is then drawn out of the tank with a pressure pump which supplies pressure water to the house. The water will go through filters and treatment to purify it for consumption. There are several variations on this system depending on your site. The water can go directly from the roof to the tanks. The water can be pumped to the storage tanks on a hill so the water will gravity feed back to the house without a pressure pump. Give us a call and we can go over your systrem requirements and site plan.

PurRain Corp. is a division of Down Island Trading Co.
We have been serving the San Juan Islands and Western Washington for over 20 years.
PurRain Corp.
P.O. Box 34, 155 Channel Road, Deer Harbor, Washington, 98243, US
phone:  360-376-2552  fax:  360-376-2552

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