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pillow or bladder tanks

PurRain Corp. is dedicated to preserving the Earth's most precious resource
by collecting and purifying rainwater for household consumption.

Pillow tanks or bladder tanks are made out of a tough flexable material which can be manufactured to fit areas under a house or garage. They must be placed on a flat area and have a retaining wall to keep them in place. Fittings are placed in the material at the time of manufacture to correspond to the position of the inlet and outlet. These tanks can be made almost any size and will turn that unused space under your house or garage into a water storage tank.

PurRain Corp. is a division of Down Island Trading Co.
We have been serving the San Juan Islands and Western Washington for over 20 years.
PurRain Corp.
P.O. Box 34, 155 Channel Road, Deer Harbor, Washington, 98243, US
phone:  360-376-2552  fax:  360-376-2552

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